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5 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

Cat Behaviors

Cats are many things — enigmatic, cute and sometimes they’re just plain weird. Why do they knead things like they’re making biscuits? Why do they go nuts in the middle of the night and run around like lunatics? Here are five weird cat behaviors explained.

Sitting on Your Laptop

Cats sit on your laptop because it feels sooooo goooood! Computers are like mini heating pads specially made for your feline friend. Another reason kitties love laptops is because they know that if they sit on your keyboard, they’ll get attention. Even negative attention is better than no attention!

Getting the Zoomies in the Middle of the Night

Every cat owner is well familiar with the experience of being fast asleep and then suddenly your cat zips around the room like they’ve just had 800 cups of coffee. Why the sudden urge to play in the middle of the night? The first reason is that cats don’t have the same sleep patterns as humans. Our kitties get plenty of shuteye during the day and night so they have energy at both times during a 24-hour period. Plus, your cat may think of daytime as quiet hours because no one’s home. Since you’re at work or school, they get plenty of sleep. Then, when you get home, it’s time to play — whether you’re awake or not.

Pro tip: Don’t reward your cat with attention when they get the zoomies in the middle of the night. Even negative attention will encourage them to continue this behavior.

Kneading or “Making Biscuits”

You’ve probably noticed your cat kneading your belly or blanket. These cat behaviors, also called “making biscuits” by some folks, are picked up by cats when they’re kittens. Baby kitties knead their mom’s stomach to stimulate milk production. When fully grown adults, cats continue the behavior typically when they’re relaxed and comfortable. Sometimes the surface they knead, like fabric or your skin, reminds them of their mother’s belly. Cats also might knead as a way to calm themselves down when they’re scared or upset.

Burying Their Poop

Cats are super particular about their litter. And even though dogs are the animals most known for their talented noses, cats are also super particular about the smells in their environment. Whether or not your cat buries their poop and pee is a behavior that cats inherited back from when they were wild and lived in the desert. If your cat buries their “business,” it’s probably because they don’t like the smell and would prefer that their territory stay clean-smelling. If your cat doesn’t bury their pee and poop, it might be because they don’t see the litter box as being in their territory. They’re marking the litter box as THEIRS by leaving their business uncovered.

Lying in a Bathtub or Sink

Lying in a bathtub or sink is probably done for the exact opposite reason that your kitty seeks out your laptop. Porcelain feels nice and cool on a hot day. Some experts also suspect that it has something to do with water. Cats like drinking from the faucet or they’re fond of the earthy smell coming from the pipes.

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