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5 Reasons You Need PetFirst Pet Insurance

PetFirst Pet Insurance

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Insurance: It’s one of those things that you don’t think about until something happens. Then suddenly… you’re sure glad to have it! While insuring your own health is a no-brainer, some people think twice when considering insuring their pets. Some see pet insurance as just another expense that doesn’t really pay off in the long run, but I’m here tell you that it’s absolutely worth it! Read a firsthand account of my own beloved dog, Rufus, and how PetFirst pet insurance saved me a ton of a money. Click here to get your quote!

PetFirst Does Not Have Age Limits

If you’re like me, and put off purchasing insurance for your beloved pet until you realize how expensive vet emergencies can be, PetFirst is your friend! While some plans will not let you initiate a policy on an older dog, you can start with PetFirst at any age. Rufus was already solidly middle-aged when we got his first policy at age 8. Premiums are higher for older pets, but that has been well worth it for us. Of course we recommend insuring your pet from the get go, but if you adopt an older pet, or if you are a fellow procrastinator, PetFirst has you covered.

PetFirst Offers Lots of Plan Options to Help You Manage Cost

Many of us humans are used to having health insurance through our employer and getting some or all of our monthly premiums subsidized. Though I joke that Rufus supervises me, he is technically not on the payroll of Found Animals so I have to pay the entire amount of his insurance premium each month.

Thankfully, PetFirst offers several choices so that you can customize the level of coverage you want and the premium you pay. You can choose from three annual limit options ($2,000, $5,000, $10,000), three reimbursement options (70%, 80%, 90%) and four per incident deductibles ($50, $100, $250, $500). I love options, especially when they help me manage my budget!

PetFirst Covers Exam Fees and Medications

Any insurance policy will have some exclusions, but did you know that some pet insurance companies exclude the cost of exam fees and medications? At some vet visits, nearly your entire bill is exam fees and medications! PetFirst covers both of these items which really increases the total reimbursement value.

PetFirst Covers Holistic and Alternative Therapy

As is common in older large dogs, my beloved pup is now suffering from painful arthritis. In addition to conventional therapy like Adequan, Metcam and Rimadyl, he is also getting acupuncture. It is really helping his comfort and mobility, and he enjoys it! Some plans don’t cover these types of alternative therapy, so we are very grateful that PetFirst does.

PetFirst Covers Multiple Foreign Body Ingestions

As I’ve written about before, Rufus will eat ANYTHING. Chocolate, coffee grounds, a tank top, a Sham Wow… it’s crazy. Some pet insurance companies will only cover one foreign body ingestion, but PetFirst will cover multiple incidents. Footing the bill for an $8,000 foreign body surgery before we had insurance was the motivation for me getting Rufus covered in the first place. Don’t be like me; get your pet covered BEFORE you have an expensive emergency, especially if you have an indiscrete eater!

Rufus and I have had a great experience with PetFirst pet insurance and I love having the peace of mind to know that in an accident or an emergency, I can get him the care he needs without worry that we’ll break the bank.