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5 Reasons to Scoop That Dog Poop

Black, brown & white dog wearing polka dot harness

Okay, okay, no one likes to scoop dog poop. Picking up after your dog can seem like a huge gross chore sometimes. But unfortunately it’s important and a fact of life for dog owners. Here are some facts and reminders that will hopefully keep you motivated next time you have to pick up your number one’s number two!

  1. It’s the law! If this isn’t a motivator, we don’t know what is. Los Angeles Municipal Code requires dog defecation to be immediately removed by the owner of the animal. Los Angeles County’s pooper scooper law is listed under the county’s nuisance ordinance and says “Animal defecation on public property or upon private property other than the owner’s property is prohibited.” You can read more about dog poop legislation in this California Pooper Scooper Law article.
  2. It spreads disease. Don’t let contagious diseases such as parvo, distemper and giardia run rampant because of unattended dog poop. If you would like to keep your dog as well as other owners’ dogs disease free, scoop the poop! Diseases like parvo are easily transmittable via feces, so be responsible and pick up after your dog pooping.
  3. It’s harmful for the environment. All trash, including dog feces left behind on a lawn, will eventually make its way to the ocean via storm drains. Pet waste in our oceans means increased levels of bacteria which can harm marine life and be the catalyst for harmful algae blooms, more commonly known as red tides. If you care about our planet, please do your part and pick up after your pooch!
  4. It ensures that pets don’t lose privileges. So many times the majority of the population has to pay the consequences of the actions taken by the minority of the population. This is very common in the world of dog owners. Parks, outdoor restaurants and many public areas are increasingly becoming inaccessible to our canine friends and it is mostly due to the carelessness of the few people who do not concern themselves with pooper scooper laws.
  5. It’s unsightly. Let’s face it, no one wants to accidentally step into a fresh pile of dog poop early in the morning on their way to work! So, if none of the four reasons above inspire you to keep the streets free of pet waste, do it in consideration of others.

Have you ever wondered what “curbing your dog” means? So did we! It turns out, curbing your dog means that owners in urban areas should not let their dogs go to the bathroom in the middle of a sidewalk or urinate on the side of a building, building entrance or bushes against a building or building entrance. Owners should take their dog to the curb and teach them to go to the bathroom in a more proper place. Thanks for reading and go scoop that poop!