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5 Dog-Friendly Tourist Attractions to Add to Your Bucket List

Dog-Friendly Tourist Attractions

We love a good tourist attraction. Whether it’s a historical landmark or a corny tourist trap, we love ‘em all. Now that it’s vacation season, we took it upon ourselves to gather our favorite destinations for dogs and owners alike. And these aren’t just parks or beaches either! These are unique experiences for you and your pup. Here are our top dog-friendly tourist attractions to add to your bucket list!

1. Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone is the perfect compromise for families who can’t agree on whether to visit a museum or Disneyland. It’s a historic landmark with a rich past of drama 24/7. Tombstone’s famous gunfights even inspired not one, but seven movies. The buildings are beautiful, the history is fascinating and the reenactments are super fun.

Dogs are allowed pretty much anywhere outside and even on the trolley tour that runs several times per day. They can also sit on the bleachers during the gunshow. One of our employee’s dogs literally pooped on the trolley during the trolley tour (okay, she pooped twice actually) and the tour guide was super gracious about it. Moral of the story: Always keep poop cleaner in your car.

2. Old Charleston Ghost Tours

Woof! Or, uh, boo? Old Charleston Ghost Tours are a blast for pups and their humans. This fun walking tour begins in Washington Park and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Dogs are more than welcome to join the fun and you may even hear a tale about a ghost dog that roams those same streets!

3. Biltmore Estate

Craving a little luxury? Then the Biltmore Estate is for you. This sprawling estate overlooks the beautiful Asheville mountains. While pups aren’t allowed in the mansion itself, they are permitted to explore the rest of the property. These grounds include more than 250 acres of stunning landscaped gardens. And afterward, your dog can join you for a nice meal at Antler Hill Village. Canines are welcome at any of the restaurants with outdoor seating — because the only thing better than spending time with your dog is sipping wine while spending time with your dog.

4. Doggywood at Dollywood

You’ve probably noticed that we here at Found Animals love our puns, and honestly, Doggywood is worth a visit just so you can casually mention its name in casual conversation. Dollywood is one of those bucket list places that you just can’t miss and luckily your pooch can stay at Doggywood while you tour Dollywood.

5. The French Quarter

The French Quarter is perfect for relaxed strolls, historical sightings, window shopping and delicious local delicacies. And since most of this can be done outdoors, we totally recommend bringing Fido with you. He’ll love the exercise while you indulge in the fantastic food, beautiful architecture and live music.

What are your favorite dog-friendly tourist attractions? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Like us on Facebook and leave us a comment!

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