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The 5 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels

A black and white cat peeks out from within a purse

Here at Michelson Found Animals, we believe that pets and people are better together. While leaving Fido and Fifi behind at a kennel or with a pet sitter is always an option, we always think that a vacation is 10 times better if our pets are along for the ride. And with plenty of hotels allowing cats and dogs, it’s easier than ever to take your pet on your next getaway. Here are our five favorite pet-friendly hotels!

Canopy by Hilton

You’re going to pay a heftier price to stay at Canopy by Hilton, but you and your pet will see plenty of perks. The chain’s pet policy is fairly standard. Animals up to 75 lbs in weight are allowed. However, it’s the welcome wagon for pooches that set Canopy apart from the other pet-friendly hotels on this list.

Canopy has a “Paws in the Neighborhood” program. Dogs get a goody bag full of fun extras and a neighborhood guide detailing local dog-friendly haunts. Lastly, each pet-friendly room comes equipped with a dog bed, food bowls and water bowls.

Motel 6

First on our list of cat and dog-friendly hotels is the most affordable of the bunch. Motel 6 is cheap and found in pretty much every major town and city. You can count on them to provide a clean room at a super-low price and all their locations are pet-friendly, with the exception of certain locations that due to local law only allow service animals. Motel 6’s pet policy allows for two pets per room. Animals must be properly attended and quiet so as not to disturb other guests.

My Place Hotels

My Place Hotels are another inexpensive option if you are traveling with your pets. This chain isn’t as plentiful as other cheap hotels, but it’s good to have on your list if you’re looking for pet-friendly places to stay in your area. Each room is allowed up to two animals, under 80 lbs, and you will be required to pay a pet fee.

Red Roof

Red Roof also allows cats and dogs at their locations. Each guest is allowed one pet, but you may ask management to allow additional animals in your room. All pets must be under 80 lbs and you need to declare your pet upon check-in.

La Quinta Inns & Suites

Almost all La Quinta Inns & Suites also cater to our canine and feline buddies. These pet-friendly hotels are slightly nicer than the Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn chains, but also come with a slightly higher price tag. Their pet policy is similar to other cat and dog-friendly hotels as well. You’re allowed up to two animals per room and you’ll need to sign a Pet Policy Agreement before you and your furry friend settle in.