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4 Cool Cat Jobs

A striped gray cat is snuggled in someone's arm

Dogs aren’t the only animals that play an important role in our society. In fact, many cats have jobs too. These occupations range from crucial positions to silly titles, but all of them show that cats are valued members of the community. Here are four fascinating cat jobs!

Barn Cats

Barn cats live on farms and ranches, frequently staying in barns. These kitties range from completely feral to total housecats. In addition to making pleasant companions, barn cats are tasked with keeping the property clear of mice and other pests. Rodent control serves two purposes: Preventing rodents from eating grain crops and helping stop the spread of disease and parasites.

Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals, or ESAs, are companions to people experiencing a wide range of mental health issues. While these creatures aren’t trained to perform a specific function, ESAs still help alleviate symptoms of conditions like depression and anxiety. Mental health professionals agree that these animals provide a therapeutic effect, instilling a greater sense of calm and lifting one’s mood. Owning an ESA also provides structure and responsibility in people’s lives. This gives folks purpose and a feeling of being needed.

Ship’s Cat

Keeping domestic cats on watercraft dates back approximately 9,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians used the felines to hunt birds on riverbanks. However, the usage of ship’s cats continued throughout modern history. Similar to barn cats, ship’s cats are helpful in stopping rodents from consuming grain and spreading disease. In fact, cats are credited with helping stop the spreading of plague. Some sailors also believed cats brought good luck. Others also thought polydactyl cats (kitties with extra toes!) had better balance on ship decks than regular cats.


Yep, you read that right. Talkeetna, AK, had a feline mayor for 20 years. Stubbs the cat was named after his stubby tail and served in office from July 18, 1997 up until his death on July 21, 2017. During his time as mayor, he survived an attack from a dog, being shot at by teenagers with BB guns and falling into a (cooled off) deep fryer. Talk about having nine lives!