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3 Ways Pets Connect Us to Other People

A happy man and woman are having drinks while sitting on a couch with two small dogs

Humans have a connection to pets that is like no other. But cats and dogs also connect us to other people in a truly profound way. Here are three ways pets help us build community.

The Internet

Sometimes the internet feels like a cesspool of negativity. There are endless comment battles, Twitter wars and snarky memes that’ll leave anyone feeling a little blue. Luckily, pets are the perfect remedy to that feeling of darkness. Dogs and cats are the cure-all for feeling disconnected from other people. Cat videos, dog photos and more are enough to make anyone smile. Even if you’re allergic to these critters, you can’t say no to Grumpy Cat. So look to your pets next time you feel like your friends and family can’t agree on a single thing. Slap a silly costume or cute bandana on ‘em and your loved ones will all be going, “Awww!”

Cat Cafes

If you’re more feline-inclined, you’ll absolutely love going to a cat cafe. Just imagine sitting at a cute bistro table, sipping on coffee, surrounded by purring cats. Sounds like heaven, right? And it’s the perfect place to bring friends, family or a first date. Heck, you can even go by yourself and meet new people!

Dog Parks

There’s nothing like going to a dog park. The grass is muddy. Everything smells like dog poop. You spend the whole time never knowing what to do with your hands. You pray that your pup plays well with others. Despite all this weirdness, we love it! We LOVE going to the dog park. There’s something about being around a bunch of pooches and being out in the sunshine that puts a big smile on our faces. Even total introverts find it easier to connect with other humans at the dog park. You don’t have to endlessly search for common ground to talk about because you already have something in common: Your dogs!