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13 Awesome Pet Outfits for Dress Up Your Pet Day

A small brown dog wearing a brown and red sweater lays on a sofa

This article contains affiliate links. Found Animals receives a portion of the proceeds from every purchase made after clicking on the links. These profits go toward saving more homeless animals!

January 14th is National Dress up Your Pet Day. Celebrate the occasion in style with one of these great pet outfits!

1. Pandaloon Panda Dog and Pet Costume Set 

Small black and white dog wearing panda costume



Do you have a black and white dog? This panda costumes is perfect for them. Buy it here.

2. Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume 



White dog in Ewok costume

We’ve always thought terriers look a little like Ewoks. Get this costume for your favorite scruffy-looking nerf-herder and it will be like you’re on the forested moon of Endor. Find it here.


3. Rubie’s Costume company Business Suit for Pet 


Small white Poodle wearing blue suit with red tie

This business suit costume is for pets who want to look a bit more dignified. In fact, they’ll downright dapper in this navy blue number. Get it here.


4. Pup-A-Razzi Pup King Dog Costume 


Brown and white Corgi wearing Michael Jackson costume

Is every day with your pet a new adventure, or day we say it – a thriller? Then get this Michael Jackson costume for them and you’ll be dodging paparazzi all day. Snag it here.


5. Iguana Costumes 


Black and white Chihuahuas wearing iguana costumes

Is your pet too cool for school? They’ll look downright cold-blooded in this iguana costume. Buy it here.


6. Blueberry Pet Spring Scent Inspired Floral Prints Dog Harness


Brown dog wearing floral print harness vest dress

Some dogs hate costumes and that’s okay! They can still dress up on the 14th with this adorable floral harness. It has a little ruffle at the bottom that makes it look like a dress. Find it here.


7. PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness 


Pink and blue plaid pet harness

Are you mad for plaid? Then you gotta get this dog harness! It comes in a range of colors so can buy one for almost every day of the week! Buy them here.


8. OMG Adorables Lion Mane Costume for Cat 


Orange and white cat wearing lion costume

Your kitty might be more lovable companion than ferocious predator but that doesn’t mean they still can’t look like one. They’ll look like king of the jungle in this great lion mane. Get it here.


9. Pet Plush Dinosaur Costume with Hood 


Pets wearing pink dinosaur costume

Dinosaurs died out a long time ago, but with this costumes, they’ll be roaming the earth again in no time. Snag it here.


10. Pawz Road Halloween Cartoon Design Pet Costume 


Pikachu pet costume

Can’t decide which of these costumes is your fave? Then you gotta catch ‘em all! Catch this one here.

11. Rainbow Stripe Pet Vest 



Rainbow striped vest for pets

They say there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. You won’t know for sure until you buy this technicolor vest here.


12. CuteBone Dog Pajamas 


Pastel pet pajamas with white paw print

Anytime can be bedtime with these cutie patootie PJs. Get them for your next pajama party here.


13. Pet Clothes Tuxedo Dog T-Shirt 


Black tuxedo pet t-shirt

Got a fancy gala to go to? Have your pet wear this t-shirt to your next black-tie event. Buy it here.

Now go turn some heads with your sweet new duds!