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11 Products for the Modern Cat Lady

Forget what you know about the term "cat lady." Today’s cat ladies are cool, hip and modern. You probably know one or are one yourself. This woman has got her own place, makes her own money and lives an inspiring life with one or more cats. Some of these ladies also have their own style, a style that says proudly and with zero shame: I love cats!

We’ve gathered a few products that represent today's modern cat lady. Just so you know, Michelson Found Animals may receive a portion of the sale from these products. Proceeds go towards saving animals, so shop away!

1. Cat Sweater Dress
Um, sorry, did you say cat sweater dress? We're in! Get it here.

Cat Sweater Dress

2. Cat Knee Socks
::Intercom voice:: Attention! There’s cuteness in the forecast today! Brighten up any rainy day with these socks. Available here.

Cat Knee Socks

3. Sleeveless Cat Top with Lapels
A pretty and stylish top you can wear to the office and on your days off. Get it here.

Sleeveless Cat Top with Lapels

4. Kitten Plaque
Put this on your desk to reinforce that you’re a bad ass boss lady who doesn’t take any flack.

Kitten Plaque

5. Cat PJs
Can we say anything other that these are literally the cat’s pajamas? Sleep well in these PJs, here.

Cat Pajamas

6. Cat Glass Set

You’ll know know which glass is yours because each has an adorable cat printed on them. Get them for your next party here. Cheers!

Cat Glass Set

7. Cat Earrings
Subtle but fierce. Just like you! Get these here.

Cat Earrings
8. Kitten Skirt
Books and kittens fighting over string. Could this skirt be any cuter? Check it out here.

Kitten Skirt

9. Black and White Cat Blouse
Think of how amazing you’ll feel with these stoic cats upon your chest. Get this blouse here.

Black and White Cat Blouse

10. Walkable Cat Flats
Run errands looking fly in these flats. Step up your shoe game here.

11. Glow-in-the-Dark Leggings
Perfect for the cat lady who’s also a night owl. Check them out here.

Glow in The Dark Leggings

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