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10 Ways to Entertain Your Pet When You’re Not Home

A cocalico cat lies on the floor of a house while looking at three toy mice

A problem facing many working pet parents is what to do with your animals when you’re not home. How do you keep them entertained? After all, pet boredom and separation anxiety can manifest in negative behaviors like scratching, barking, chewing and digging. Here are 10 ways you can keep your pet busy when you’re away from the house.


Simply turning on the television might be all it takes to keep your pet from getting bored when you’re not around to play with them. Some cats love watching bird documentaries. Some dogs love watching a good film about other pooches. We even know one little dog who loves watching the Home Shopping Network!

Hyperfetch Ultimate Throwing Toy

Fetch is the perfect game for dogs because it’s fun and stimulates their bodies and brains. The exercise keeps their bones and muscles strong and burns excess calories. But fetch requires you to throw the ball, right? Wrong. The Hyperfetch Ultimate Throwing Toy plays fetch with your dog for you!

Laser Cat toy

There are also automatic cat toys on the market to keep your kitty entertained while you’re at work or running errands. The CA&T Diamond Laser Cat Toy casts 360-degree laser beam patterns all around the room that your cat can chase. You can even set the device to “Slow,” “Fast” or “Random” so your pet is always challenged and never gets bored.

Tether Tug

Tug-of-war is another classic dog game for a reason and pooches love the Tether Tug. This ingenious device plays tug-of-war with your dog for you — and all without batteries! We love the Tether Tug because it’s a great toy for outdoor dogs, although there are indoor Tether Tugs too. They even come in different sizes so you can find the right sized one for your pooch. You can also choose from various toy attachments like balls and ropes.


Sometimes the trick to keeping your pets busy when you’re not home is making it seem like you never left home in the first place. All that is possible with Furbo. This gadget lets you see your pets, talk to them and even toss them treats. Furbo even lets you know if your dog is barking so you can check on them and see if anything is wrong.


Most dogs are natural-born chewers and love a good treat. Kongs combine treats with chew toys and are some of the toughest toys on the market. They come in a variety of sizes and chew strengths so you can find the perfect one for your pooch. We recommend stuffing them with kibble, cheese or peanut butter.

Second Pet

Adopting a second animal is a big responsibility. It doubles your workload petcare-wise but it can also make your life easier in some ways. In fact, some pet owners find that adopting a second pet helps ease the boredom and anxiety experienced by the first animal when their owner isn’t home.

Treat Puzzle

Treat puzzles are great for stimulating your pet’s mind and keeping their brain sharp when you’re not home. They’re also fun because your pet loves the treat reward. Look for puzzles that suit your dog’s skill level. The smarter the pooch, the trickier the puzzle!

New Toys

Sometimes you just need a bunch of new toys to keep your dog or cat occupied. Buy your pet a variety of new toys to keep their mind curious. For dogs, try rope toys, squeakers and plushies. Cats might have fun with mouse toys, feathers and catnip.

Cat Hammock

Even the most timid indoor cat might still enjoy gazing outside. However, not all of us have window sills that are big enough to accommodate larger felines. This cat hammock wall mount will let your kitty stare at birds and passersby.