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10 Cool Cats to Follow on Instagram

A gray cat laying down with a hand placing a rose hair clip on its head

Cool Cats are Breaking the Internet

Step aside, Kim Kardashian. These cool cats are breaking the internet with their exotic features and unique personalities.

The following list is only a small selection out of thousands cat pictures, featuring those of different colors, breeds, abilities and characters. In no particular order, here are 10 cute and funny cats you should be following!

Scrappy (@seniorscrappy)

For the first seven years of his life, Scrappy was an all-black cat. Over time, his black coat became spotted with white due to vitiligo, a skin-pigment condition that creates white patches on parts of the body. Today at 19 years old, Scrappy has a marble, black and white pattern and looks like no other.

Albert (@pompous.albert)

Albert, a Selkirk Rex, was named after Albert Einstein thanks to his wild gray coat. On top of that, Albert’s glowing yellow eyes permanently display a most intimidating glare of disapproval. His distinct features have even caught the attention of Honda, who featured him in a commercial last June.

Omame (@omame_munchkin)

Omame is a munchkin cat from Japan, and you don’t need to speak Japanese to know that he is small but mighty. His short stout legs don’t keep him away from fulfilling his adventures. Omame is also a boss at playing fetch. When he gets tired, he likes to rest his little round head face down on a blanket.

Roo (@roothekangaroocat)

Roo was born with radial hypoplasia, which means his front legs are abnormally short and twisted, making him resemble a kangaroo. Despite his condition, he’s perfectly healthy and always on the move, playing, running and even climbing. He’s often snuggling up to his bestie and adopted sister Venus (@venustwofacecat), one of Instagram’s most famous felines.

Atchoum (@atchoumthecat)

Atchoum, or “Sneezy” in English, is a kitty from Quebec, Canada, has commonly been compared to an Ewok, the Grinch and the Lorax thanks to his distinctive long locks. He has a condition known as hypertrichosis, which causes excessive hair growth. He also looks dapper in bowties of all shapes and sizes.

Stache, Bindi, Teddy and Dexter (@hobbikats)

With their unusual long limbs, pointed noses and bat-like ears, you may think they’re from another planet, but Stache, Bindi, Teddy and Dexter are just loving Oriental Shorthairs from New Jersey that like to cuddle, climb and speak their minds. Dexter, the cat in black, just joined the gang last September, and he’s notorious for competitive races around the house.

Snow (@curlysnow0915)

Snow is a 2-year-old American Curl, distinctive for his small, round mouse-like ears, but that’s not his only special quality. Snow can also play fetch and challenging rounds of cups and ball with up to five cups to choose from. Videos feature him going on walks or inside a U-Pet backpack. He also loves sharing unusual foods such as watermelon and corn with his owner.

Juno (@junotheangrycat)

One look at Juno will put a smile on your face, even though he’s definitely not smiling back, and he won’t tell you why. He’s 75 percent Himalayan, 25 percent Burmese and 100 percent handsome. He lives comfortably with four other floofs, but Havana, the only shorthair, is constantly caught getting into mischief with the others.

Boss, Manggo and Coco (@bo_mang_co)

This little family is made up of the father, Boss, a gray domestic shorthair; the mother, Manggo, a Dragon Li; and the daughter, Coco, a tabby. It’s clear there’s a lot of love between them. They’re often pictured sprawled out on their backs or sitting upright like humans. Manggo especially enjoys holding her stuffed animals against her plump belly and kicking them endlessly.

Sophie (@sophie_the_model)

Sophie is a gorgeous, solid-black, domestic shorthair with a knack for fashion. She probably has the same sweatshirt as you, and she probably wears it better, too. She’s got something for every season, and she struts her stuff on catwalks (at the park).

More cool cats (and dogs) can be found on our Instagram page, @foundanimals, and these you can take home! Also, be on the lookout for our review of insta-famous dog picks that are worth a follow.