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10 Amazing Dogs to Follow on Instagram

Small tan dog standing in the grass while a hand holds a polaroid picture frame in front of it

Check Out Our Favorite 10 Dogs on Instagram

Looking for some awesome content on your Instagram feed? Look no further! Out of the hundreds of thousands of dog Instagram accounts, we’ve selected a handful of favorites based on their hilarious personalities, talents and quality photos! In no particular order, here’s 10 amazing dogs that are worth a follow.

Doug (@itsdougthepug)

If you don’t know Doug, are you even on Instagram? Doug the Pug, also known as the King of Pop Culture, lives the type of lifestyle we all want to have. He’s a huge foodie, often posting pictures with donuts, ice cream, pizza, french fries, you name it. He’s also always trending with the latest fashion. If he’s not wearing it, then it’s not happening.

Crusoe (@crusoe_dachshund)

Crusoe is the ultimate celebrity dachshund. He’s an A-list actor, who has played several roles including a lumberjack, a chef, a construction worker, a star trooper and so much more! One day, you’re going to find his star on Hollywood Boulevard. He’s even been featured on Ellen!

Loki (@loki)

Loki, also known as Loki the Wolfdog, is an impressive Husky, Arctic Wolf and Malamute mix. Before reaching 3 years old, he had already seen most of the Western US. He and his human @sharktoof aim to inspire people to explore the world with their dogs and make memories that will last a lifetime. Every captured image is full of life. Be like Loki; be fearless.

Squish (@apupnamedsquish)

Squish looks like no other. He’s a carefree rescue pup with one eye and a crooked jaw. His look is a result of his rough beginning when he suffered from skull and upper-right jaw fractures, likely due to blunt force trauma. Today, Squish lives a happy life with his humans and little brother @thespottedweasel. He and his family also work to bring awareness to animal cruelty by pairing with @okidoggypets and selling an animal rights fashion collection.

Nala (@dogswiss)

Nala is her name, and nature is her game. She is a gorgeous 2-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever who resides in the Swiss Alps. In snow, rain or shine, you’ll find this pup exploring the outdoors. You’ll never be more jealous of a dog and all the beautiful places she’s been. Her feed is full pictures of her alongside snowy mountains, beautiful green fields and peaceful rivers.

Winston (@winstonthewhitecorgi)

Winston is not like any ordinary Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He’s solid white, apart from his black nose and frame around his eyes. The camera loves him, but sometimes he can’t help but give his humans a little attitude when he’s not in the mood. Peep #stankeyeseries, and you’ll find several sassy videos of Winston. Apart from that, he’s active on the daily and loves to travel!

Bosun (@bosunthefrenchie)

When he’s not handling his ship’s equipment and crew, you’ll find Bosun strolling the streets of New York City. He’s a goofy French Bulldog with a knack for adventure! He’s accomplished at sailing, flying planes and riding on swings at the park, but he just can’t seem to get past his reflection. Every time Bosun passes by a mirror, you never know how he might react. It’s like he’s meeting a new friend!

Mochi and Miso (@golden.mochi.miso)

Mochi and Miso are two gold retriever sisters from Thailand, and you can barely tell them apart. A day is never dull as long as they’re together. They don’t just go out for walks, they love to swim, too! They’re golden mermaids. They’re also masters of balance and can hold just about anything on their noses for a treat – even a fidget spinner!

Coogi (@coogi.boogi)

Coogi just has one of those faces that will melt your heart while it melts in your lap! She’s a blue brush coat Shar Pei. Running around, cuddling with her human dad and playing with her many toys are what makes her the most hap-pei. She’s an active 6-month-old pup, but she sure loves to nap. You’ll find her snoozing in the car, on the couch, on the floor – just about anywhere!

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