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Which of the 5 Love Languages Does Your Pet Speak?

5 Love Languages

The theory of the 5 love languages has been around for over 2 decades. According to the philosophy, each language is a way in which someone shows and feels love. The languages are physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and words of affirmation. A person speaks two love languages — one primary and one secondary. Some experts even believe that pets have love languages. Read on to learn more about the 5 love languages and maybe you’ll learn which love languages your own pets speak!

Physical Touch

One of the more obvious love languages is physical touch. It’ll be clear your pet’s love language is physical touch when their favorite thing is cuddles and belly rubs. These pets love scritches behind the ear or a really long back massage. They might even return physical affection by rubbing their torsos against your legs or offering you wet kisses. Lapdogs and lapcats are definitely physical touch pets. These animals need plenty of physical affection from you to feel loved.

Quality Time

Does your pet lose their mind if they’re away from you for too long? Would you go so far as to call your animal a “velcro” cat or dog because they never leave your side? Sounds like you might have a pet whose love language is quality time. These animals tend to follow their owners around the house, whether or not you actually want the company. Some of them have even been known to watch their owners pee and shower. These pets don’t like being alone and might have separation anxiety. Well-behaved pets who speak this love language might make good office pets since they are super social!

Receiving Gifts

It feels like every day is your birthday when you have a pet whose love language is receiving gifts. These animals show and feel love through presents. Frequently these gifts aren’t exactly desirable. No one likes finding half-chewed-up food on their pillow or dead rats on their doorstep. Even having a slobber-covered squeaky toy dropped at your feet isn’t all that pleasant. But if you look at this trash through the eyes of your pets, these offerings aren’t quite as disgusting. After all, the rodent corpses aren’t meant to make you dry-heave. They’re acts of love and devotion! Show these pets you love them back by showering them in plenty of treats and toys.

Acts of Service

If you have a genius pet, there might be a chance that their love language is acts of service. Animals that gladly do what you tell them speak this love language. These pets excel at agility classes and barely need any kind of treat or encouragement to perform commands. After all, pleasing you is its own reward! Or maybe you have a pet that is ultra-protective or an amazing therapy animal. These animals are givers, not takers. Show these pets that you love them in return by giving them lots of love and affection when they’ve done a good job. They want to know they’ve done right by you so give them lots of opportunities to shine.

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation is another super obvious love language because it involves literal language. Pets who speak this one of the 5 love languages show love vocally with happy mews, purrs, howls or barks. These are the animals who light up when they receive verbal praise from you or they hear you happily say their name. Use plenty of verbal praise when training these pets. After all, that might be more effective than rewarding them with treats. When rewarding them or trying to show them affection, use a cheerful higher-pitched voice. This will make them feel loved!