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Michelson Found Animals 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Spreading Pawsitive Holiday Cheer from Ear to Ear

Happy Holidays from everyone at Michelson Found Animals! We all deserve some pampering this year and our pets are no exception. But what to get for your beloved furry friend this year? Our trusted family of Leap brands have you covered. We are proud to present you with some of the latest products that will benefit owners and furry friends alike. Pick these up and spread some holiday cheer from ear to ear!

AnimalBiome’s Gut Health Test

Give your cat or dog the gift of health with a KittyBiome or DoggyBiome Gut Health Test. About 50% of all vet visits are due to pet digestive issues or skin conditions and the latest science shows that many of these visits can be avoided by taking better care of your pet’s gut microbiome.

AnimalBiome helps you understand your pet’s gut microbiome so you can lead them down the path to a healthier, happier life. Using genetic sequencing, our test detects bacterial imbalances, identifies problematic groups, and tells you how to fix it with personalized diet changes or other recommendations. The test kit includes everything you need to collect a sample from your pet. Use code MFA-20 at checkout to receive 20% off all products.


Dogdrop offers specialized, ultra-flexible dog daycare at their physical locations, along with thoughtful daily dog essentials anyone can order online. Their compostable poop bags and on-the-go, hypoallergenic wipes are perfect for keeping your pup clean after a walk or romp around in the snow. 

At Dogdrop, their goal is to create the best dog daycare that exists, and to offer products everyone needs to take better care of their pup. They are always adding new services to their daycare and developing new products . Follow them @dogdropco to see what’s happening! 


Want to work with the best certified pet experts for your dog and get discounts on great products? The Advocate Community on Dogly is the only online Community run by certified trainers, nutritionists, vets and other wellness experts available to you 24/7 for all of your questions and weekly tips to keep your dog healthy and happy. By joining the Community on Dogly you also get special discounts on the best products for your dog from small businesses. Join now and get two weeks free!

Dogo App 

Become best friends with your dog using Dogo, a positive dog training app!

Your pup is an active creature in need of daily exercises, but not just physical – mental stimulation too. Dogs have an amazing ability to understand and communicate with us and Dogo will help you to unlock and develop their potential further. 

Teach obedience techniques from home with a built-in clicker, enroll in personalized training programs, choose from 100+ impressive tricks and games, submit video exams, and get free feedback from dog trainers within 12 hours. And after the training, explore our social features – compete in weekly photo challenges and meet dog parents from our world-wide Dogo community.


Jiminy’s makes sustainable dog food and dog treats using cricket protein. Crickets are an amazing and sustainable superfood that use exponentially less land, water and feed than traditional protein sources.  Crickets also have a fantastic nutrition profile. Pound for pound, more protein than beef, high in fiber and iron, and low in fat. Finally, cricket protein is humane. An unbeatable combination – nutritious, humane, sustainable and dogs love it! Use promo code JIMINYSMFA15 for 15% off your next order, valid through 12/31/20.

Make sure you check out Jiminy’s blog for all the latest updates.

Native Pet

Native Pet focuses on 3 things: taste, nutrition and limited ingredients. They make sure pets get that rich, protein-forward flavor they love. They partner with leading vet nutritionists who ensure whole food formulas pack a punch when it comes to benefits. Lastly, Native Pet keeps the ingredients to a minimum and sources from the USA and Canada. At the moment, they offer three products: organic pumpkin powder (acts as an all-natural stool supplement), bone broth (great for heart health), and yak chews (clean dental chews).

NewRoad Foods

Give thanks for the good dogs and cats in your life with NewRoad Foods Chicken, Pumpkin & Baked Apple Protein Chips. Top your pet’s bowl with a handful or dole them out as guilt-free seasonal snacks to include them in the fall fun.

Each bag is customizable with a gift tag on back and, as always, our limited edition fall batches are made from scratch with 100% human-grade ingredients and baked to order. Check out cat and dog treats for your favorite pet!

Pet Plate

PetPlate delivers fresh-cooked, vet-designed meals for your dog, straight to your door. All meals are cooked in a USDA facility using human-grade ingredients, and perfectly portioned to meet the nutritional needs of your pup. With four recipes to choose from, plus 100% organic treats, even the pickiest pups love PetPlate!

Get 50% off your first box of meals with this link! Plus, receive a FREE bag of treats with promo code FREETREAT. Offer expires 1/31/2020.

Shameless Pets

At Shameless Pets, our treats are nutritionist crafted while rescuing neglected, underused, and misfit ingredients- that’s called Upcycling! Imagine a farmer’s leftover pumpkins after Halloween or apple pulp from a cider press- we rescue these healthy ingredients so they don’t go to waste causing needless greenhouse gases! Our treats are ridiculously tasty, highly nutritious for your pup and have a positive impact on the planet that requires nothing in return.

Shameless Pets has a limited time offer on a 3lb Lobster Rollover bag in all Costco locations across the states of Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Alaska starting on November 24th. This bag will only be in stores for the holidays!

Smalls Cat Food

A subscription to Smalls’ cat food is the ideal gift for your friends or family with the finicky cat. These healthy, real food recipes are carefully formulated for your cat and conveniently delivered to your door. Made from gently-cooked fresh, human-grade meat with a tiny bit of green veg, Smalls is the closest thing to nature your cat can eat.

Send a customized subscription to a loved one or their pet, starting here.


No matter who you’re buying for this year, thank you for being a part of the Michelson Found Animals community. We hope you and your pet(s) enjoy these great products, and Happy Holidays!