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15 Reasons to Get a Cat or Dog License ASAP

A gray and white cat with a collar and tag that reads

Have you not gotten a cat or dog license yet? Well what are you waiting for?! Here are 15 reasons to get a pet license today!

  1. One out of every three pets will get lost at some point during their lifetime.
  2. Even the most responsible pet owners are sometimes separated from their pets. Accidents happen – Maybe your pet gets frightened and runs away during a fireworks show or the pizza guy leaves your door open after a delivery.
  3. Without proper pet identification, nearly 90% of lost pets will never be reunited with their owners.
  4. Pet identification (a pet license, pet microchip and cat or dog ID tag) drastically increases the likelihood that you will be reunited with your pet in the unfortunate case that he or she becomes lost.
  5. Many lost pets without identification are eventually euthanized.
  6. Dogs over the age of 4 months are required by law to be licensed in most states.
  7. Many states or municipalities require cat licensing for our feline companions.
  8. A cat or dog license serves as proof that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies and is therefore not a health risk to the community.
  9. By licensing your pet, you establish ownership of your pet.
  10. Cat and dog tags provide much needed funding for your city’s animal control, which will in turn provide food, shelter and medical care for your pet if he or she is lost – and other pets!
  11. Fees for pet licenses provide access to low-cost spay or neuter programs for low-income residents in your area.
  12. A license means you avoid costly fines down the road for non-compliance. Fines for failing to license your pet are often at least 100% of the license fee, and in many cases, top out at $500 or more!
  13. Licensing your pet increases your chances of being reunited with your pet, which allows animal control more time to focus on caring for and finding homes for other pets in need.
  14. To obtains a cat or dog license, you just need a current rabies vaccination certificate, spay or neuter certificate and an appropriate form of payment. Know that some jurisdictions only accept check or cash.
  15. Some areas offer reduced cost licenses for altered animals while some jurisdictions may mandate sterilization.

When used together, licensing and microchipping your pet are the best ways to quickly reunite with your animal. Get these two types of identification today — your pet will thank you!