Dog Care

Getting Started »

Bringing home a new pet is a joyous and exciting occasion, but it also requires some careful planning...Read More

Teaching Basic Commands »

Want to train your dog to learn basic commands? Check out our dog-training page for tips and tutorials...Read More

Behavior Problems »

It’s frustrating when your dog chews everything and ruins your things. Find out possible causes...Read More

Excessive Barking »

Does your dog bark excessively? This page can help you determine why your dog is barking and what to do...Read More

Housebreaking »

Is your new puppy still having a hard time being potty-trained? Learn housebreaking tips and tricks...Read More

General Dog Health »

A healthy dog is a happy dog! Find answers to general dog health questions and importance of vet visits...Read More

Bathing and Grooming »

Is it time to bathe your dog or does your pup need her nails trimmed? Get basic bathing and grooming advice...Read More

Flea and Tick Prevention »

Protect your dog from fleas and ticks. Find out different options for protecting your dog...Read More

Pet Disaster Planning »

Pet disaster planning and disaster preparedness are the best ways to keep your pets safe.Read More

Cat Care

Getting Started »

Cats 101. Learn about basic cat care, cat behavior and the supplies you'll need when bringing home...Read More

Litterbox Issues »

Cats Instinctively know to use a litterbox but that doesn't mean you won't have issues. Find out what...Read More

Allergies to Cats »

Think you might be allergic to cats? Learn the common symptoms associated with cat allergies and...Read More

Scratching »

Scratching is a natural cat behavior. Protect your home by providing safe scratching alternatives...Read More

Bathing and Grooming »

Does your kitty need some help with grooming? Get cat grooming and bathing tips...Read More

General Cat Health »

Read about the keys to cat health including annual visits, dental care and more...Read More

Flea and Tick Prevention »

It’s important to protect your cat from fleas and ticks. Learn about your options for cat flea and tick...Read More

Cat Adoption Facts »

Did you know there are more cat-owning households in the U.S. than dogs? Presenting the good, the sad and the changeable about cat adoption.Read More

Pet Disaster Planning »

Pet disaster planning and disaster preparedness are the best ways to keep your pets safe.Read More

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