First-Time Dog Owner’s Guide

The Basics of Dog Ownership

An easy-to-read guide for first-time or long-time dog owners
By Michelson Found Animals
If you are looking to adopt a dog, then chances are you’re a thoughtful, caring person who understands that welcoming a furry friend into your relatively less furry family comes with a lot of responsibility.

It’s easy to be caught off guard by all that goes into dog ownership. It’s also easy to be scared away from what could be a fulfilling and meaningful experience because you worry that you’re not up to the job.

Up Your Dog IQ!

Fortunately, now there’s a place where you can go to read everything you need to know about what goes into dog ownership so you can be confident that your beautiful friendship gets off on the right step.

“The Basics of Dog Ownership,” the essential first-time dog owner guide, from Michelson Found Animals is 24 lively, easy-to-read pages containing all the essential information about caring for your canine compadre. This dog care guide will tell you how to take care of a dog with the exercise they need (and, in the process, the exercise you need). You’ll learn how to groom your dog, be it pitbull or Pekinese, including how to give your dog a bath and how often. Plus, you’ll learn what to feed your dog and how often.

(Hint: Not as often as the dog would prefer.)

There is an important section on how to team up with a good vet to keep your dog healthy and happy (after they leave the vet’s office, that is).

Learn What You Need to Know About Your New Dog

There is a lot of great information in this first-time dog owner’s guide on how to protect your dog from getting lost or stolen including the free microchip registry, licensing, and identification. There’s also a section on “Dealing With Behavioral Issues,” which may save you a fortune on a doggie psychiatrist. And the book closes with a section titled, “Your New Dog and You” because that is what it’s all about, the beginning of a new relationship.