Make sure your pet is spayed or neutered! Do you know of all the benefits that come with sterilizing your pet? There are many that improve your pet's health and behavior. Want to know what they are or where to get it done? Well you came to the right place!

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Locate low-cost spay neuter programs near you.

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Learn what a pet spay is and what the procedure entails.

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Learn what a pet neuter is and what the procedure entails. Learn More »

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about spay and neuter.

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Find out the real truth about spaying and neutering your pets.

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Our goal is to reduce animal shelter intake by providing information and access to high-quality, low-cost spay & neuter services. By providing these services and promoting the message of "saving lives through sterilization", we can reach the goal of reducing shelter intake and eliminating euthanasia of healthy animals.

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Low-cost Spay & Neuter Resources Outside of LA

Here is a list of low-cost spay & neuter resources outside of LA.

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South LA's mobile spay and neuter clinic.
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