Approximately five million pets are lost each year in the U.S.
Let us help you protect your pet with these invaluable pet identification resources.

What is a Pet Microchip »

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Find out what a pet microchip is and why your pet should have one.

Pet Microchips »

Pet Licensing »

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Learn why you should license your pet and other important pet licensing facts.

Pet Licensing »

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Licensing Locations

Find out where to license your pet in Los Angeles

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Register Your Pet!

Register for free on the Found Animals Microchip Registry.

Is Your Pet Already Microchipped? »

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Your pet's microchip information needs to be kept up-to-date. Read about how to keep your information accurate.

Microchip Information »

Protect Your Cat Today »

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Have new contact information? It's important to make sure your cat's tags are up-to-date! Get a personalized ID tag for your cat.

Order Cat ID Tag »

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