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Save It for a Rainy Day: Indoor Activities to Do With Your Pets

Indoor Activities

Most of us dread taking our pets outside when it’s rainy or unbearably hot out. In fact, many pets also refuse to leave the house when the weather isn’t to their liking. But you still need to challenge their bodies and minds to keep them happy and healthy. Luckily, there are several indoor activities to do with your pets to keep them active and busy.

Laser Pointer

The laser pointer is a great standby for pet owners everywhere. They’re inexpensive and can result in hours of fun for cats and dogs.


Think of stairs as a low-tech Stairmaster. And it’s for good reason that gyms keep them in their cardio rooms. Running up and down a flight is great for burning excess energy on rainy days. They burn calories, as well as build up strength and agility. Climb the steps with your furry best friend or encourage them to do it on their own with treats, toys or a laser pointer.

Scavenger Hunt

Setting up a scavenger hunt for your cat or pooch is a great way to stimulate their bodies and minds. Hide small pieces of their favorite treats all over your home and watch them run wild.

Box Forts and Obstacle Courses

Setting up your own DIY structures are fun for human and animal kids. Just like how children enjoy a good pillow fort, setting up a box fort or cat tree for your pets can provide hours of fun.


A rainy day is the perfect time to use that treadmill that you bought and keep meaning to use. Leash up your pet and plop them down on the treadmill. Start at a VERY slow speed to acclimate them to the sound and feel. Gradually increase the speed if you wish. Always carefully keep an eye on pets on a treadmill to avoid injury!

Apps and Movies

Did you know that there are special game apps for cats? And some dogs love watching TV or a movie? Take advantage of modern technology on a rainy day. We even know one dog who loves watching the shopping channel!


Both cats and dogs can enjoy a good game of fetch. Watch them chase a laser pointer, toys or treats up and down the hallway. The only downside to this game is that you may not want to play it if you have a downstairs neighbor. They might not appreciate the noise!

What indoor activities do you like to do with your pet? Let us know on Facebook!

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