Helping Pets Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

Helping Pets Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

Michelson Found Animals wants to be sure that all pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey have access to microchips and our free registry.

For Shelters, Rescues & Clinics

Express Microchip Grants are available for up to 1,000 chips for organizations on the ground working with affected pets. Applications are being accepted until Friday, 9/15 Available to local 501c3 groups and municipal shelters. Apply Here  Contact us with any questions at

For Pet Owners in Texas and Louisiana

If you’re a pet owner in the affected area, you can get your pet microchipped for free at participating organizations, including
  • Emancipet: 910 Wayside Drive, #100, Houston, TX 77023
  • Emancipet: I&K, 7201 Levander Loop, Austin, TX 78702
  • Emancipet: 5129 Cameron Road, Austin TX 78723
More organizations/locations can be found here.

To fully protect your pets, we invite you to register them in our FREE microchip registry at

Register all pets in your care at our free registry - regardless of brand of chip, where purchased or even if already registered elsewhere. is free to register, free to use and free to update. Since many pet owners are living in temporary locations or moving to new addresses, it’s important to update your registry contact information so you can be reunited with your pets if you’ve been separated.