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The Free Pet Microchip Registry: What Does ‘Free’ Really Mean?

What is a free pet microchip registry - woman with her dog

Choosing a pet microchip registry, microchips, and scanners may seem like an easy decision, but did you know that while many registries may be free for organizations, there are often fees for pet owners? These fees can impact the owner’s ability to control and update their pet’s microchip contact information and can also adversely affect the shelter’s ability to reunite a pet with their owner should they become lost and are found. Many registries claim to be free, but with so many fees associated with them, the question really should be, “what does ‘free’ really mean?”

Not All Pet Microchip Registries Are Created Equal

While many microchip registries say they are free, some charge fees to the pet owners through change fees and membership fees. Thus, they are not really free. Some pet owners may not mind the costs associated with updating their contact information, but many pet owners may not be able to afford the fee.

In addition, they may not know they should be updating this information every time they move, change their phone number, or create a new email address. And since tags can fall off and a microchip is not a GPS, current contact information in the pet registry is the only permanent form of pet owner identification.

Here are some of the types of fees that can be associated with pet microchip registries (for which we charge nothing):

  • Membership fee
  • Brand registration restrictions
  • Initial registration fee
  • Annual registration fee
  • Lifetime registration fee
  • Update information or change fee
  • Transfer pet owner fee

Why We’re The Best Pet Microchip Registry

Obviously, we think our pet microchip registry is the best national pet registry in the country. But we have a lot of reasons to think that way. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some facts about

  • Low Cost, High Quality: Our microchips have been consistently the lowest cost and highest quality over the years and we continue to find ways to provide you with the most value.
  • Universal Scanners: Our scanners are universal, meaning you can locate and read any microchip implanted in a pet.
  • Free Registry: We never charge for our registry. We don’t charge pet professionals. We don’t charge pet owners. Ever. No initial or annual fees. Free for life actually means Free. For. Life.
  • Protected Information: We do not sell our pet owner information – ever.
  • User-Friendly Site: Our website is easy to use for both pet professionals and pet owners — making updating or finding contact information simple.
  • Easy Transfers: It’s easy to transfer pet ownership (for either the pet owner or pet pro). Also, there’s no charge to do so.
  • Permanent Rescue Contact: Our system allows you to stay tied to a pet’s record for life. You’ll receive Found Pet Alerts® at the same exact moment as the pet owner.
  • Technology: Our proprietary technology (the Found Pet Alert® system, and our Batch Upload System) helps to reunite found pets with their owners faster. All you need to do is go to and enter the microchip number in the upper right-hand field where it says “Search Microchip Number.” If it’s registered with us, we’ll ask you to click “Notify the Owner” in order to initiate the Found Pet Alerts.
What is a free pet microchip registry - woman with her dog
Found Pet Alert® System

All in all, many registries may claim to be free, but the user experience, your employee and volunteers’ time, as well as other hidden fees, cost a lot more than money. It can also mean the difference between reuniting a pet owner with their pet or not.

When you use Michelson Found Animals as your source for microchips, scanners, and microchip registration, you can be confident that our mission is the same: Saving Pets. Enriching Lives. We want nothing more than to ensure each and every pet that goes missing is easily and quickly reunited with their owner.

Interested in getting started or have more questions? Feel free to contact us here.

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