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Animal Welfare Professionals: Save Time and Money With Barcode Scanners and Stickers

You have plenty of time to get everything done, right? Of course not! There is always another animal that needs our attention. Luckily, Michelson Found Animals is here to make your life just a little bit easier with our barcode stickers and scanners. The stickers are included with our microchips. You can purchase our barcode scanners here if you’re an existing client, or here if you’re a new customer.

Read on to learn more about how these simple tools will make your life easier and work days more productive!

Animal Inventory: Cut Down on Data Entry and Eliminate Errors

Data entry in Excel and other software can be totally tedious but, totally necessary, right? Wrong! Using barcode stickers and scanners during the animal inventory process reduces time spent manually entering data. Happy staff, happy managers! Using a barcode scanner also cuts down human error during the data entry process.

Here’s how:

  1. Get a barcode scanner. And yes, we now offer them for sale! You can purchase them using the links above.
  2. Plug the barcode scanner into your computer using the USB port.
  3. Place your computer cursor on the chip number field in your data entry software.
  4. Use the barcode scanner to read the barcode sticker.

And tada! The field should automatically populate with the correct microchip number. We also recommend placing another sticker on adoption paperwork. This sticker allows you to quickly look up an adopted animal’s record. You will never have to call an adopter again and say, “Sorry we sent you home with the incorrect medical history and information!”

Daily Inventory Rounds & Fast Head Counts: Verify You Have the Correct Animal

Doing your daily inventory rounds takes time. And, if you have a large number of animals at your facility or several practically identical pets, making sure which animal is which can be tricky. Don’t bother with paper collars. We all know they end up falling off anyways, and replacing them takes time and money. Plus, they’re totally unnecessary if the animals are microchipped. Instead, follow the process below to improve the accuracy and efficiency of doing your inventory.

Here’s how to quickly make sure you have the right animal:

  1. Place the sticker included in the microchip package on your kennel card (this would be done during the intake process).
  2. Use a rolling cart with a laptop and barcode scanner. With the cursor in the search field in your software, scan the sticker on the kennel card to retrieve the microchip number, eliminating the need to manually type the number when performing a search.
  3. Then, scan the pet with a chip scanner and confirm you have the correct animal.

Our barcode scanners are pre-programmed for your convenience and cost $34.99 each. We have even more discounts available for orders of five or more, so contact us and we can provide you with bulk order pricing. They can be used anywhere you have items with barcodes, including retail items in your store and pharmaceutical items in your medical department. These are just a few ways you can use barcode scanners. If you have other ways you use them we would love to hear about it!

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