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The 5 Reasons to Throw Your Dog a Birthday Party

Dog Birthday Party

THE 5 Reasons to Throw Your Dog a Birthday Party

Who doesn’t want to throw on a crown and spend a few hours playing fetch, eating treats, and running in the dog pack? As if you even needed reasons to host a doggy birthday party, our Culver City location now has a new event space where you can throw your next celebration to be remembered furrever! Here are just a few reasons why we think you should throw your dog a birthday party:

  1. Because Man’s Best Friend Deserves a Celebration! Dogs just want to make their humans happy. They reduce stress, are there for you when you need comfort, and they appreciate you! For all the benefits we gain from our pets, shouldn’t we create a few hours of heaven for them complete with treats, friends, and toys galore?! Your dog treats you like it’s your birthday every day; make sure their birthday is just as memorable!

  1. Doggy playdates are good for both you and your pet! Socializing your dog is important, and why not make some more human friends while you’re at it? Your time with friends is always richer when you can bring your furry +1’s along, because dog people just get each other. (If you’re looking for more dogs for your pet to socialize with, come on over to doggy daycare!)

  1. Because one dog year is equivalent to 7 human years – so every one of your buddy’s birthdays should be 7x as celebrated! Forget a 5 year old’s birthday party, your dog’s 5th birthday has to be epic.

  1. Because Clowns and princesses can’t compete with our four legged furry party goers. Who needs additional entertainment when you’ve got these guys?  

  1. Because a party where sniffing butts is totally ok rules. Let dogs be dogs.

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