The Found Animals Forums bring together animal welfare leaders from around the country to Los Angeles to speak about their innovative programs that fight animal shelter euthanasia. In addition to sharing how these successful initiatives work, the Found Animals Forum also gathers our local community together in a fun social and supportive learning environment.

Found Animals Forum 2012

“Dispelling Myths in Animal Welfare”

We were honored to have special guest speakers Dr. Emily Weiss, Vice President of Research & Development at ASPCA and Jackson Galaxy, Cat Behaviorist and host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell as well as Found Animals' Executive Director Aimee Gilbreath and Microchip Program Manager Erin Nelson at this year's forum. The topic was Myths in Animal Welfare and each speaker brought their expertise on how we can overcome these obstacles to help more animals in our shelters.

Found Animals Forum 2011

“Adoption Success on the Path to No More Homeless Pets, Los Angeles”

In collaboration with Best Friends Animal Society, Found Animals gathered three of the Nation's top leaders in animal welfare to speak about successful pet adoption programs. In addition to learning how to increase pet adoption numbers in Los Angeles, 16 children were honored in an awards ceremony for artwork depicting their love of animals.

Found Animals Forum 2010

“Spay/Neuter: Past, Present, and Future”

This Forum educated the animal welfare community in Los Angeles on the history of Spay & Neuter, current initiatives and future plans for Spay & Neuter programs. This comprehensive overview of Spay & Neuter shows how these programs are helping to lower the homeless pet population and how they will grow and evolve in the future to continue to fight pet overpopulation.