A “Neuter” is a general term used to describe the castration of a male animal. It is a surgery, which removes the testicles of the animals so that he can no longer reproduce.

The neuter is done with the animal under general anesthesia and consists of a small incision on the scrotum to remove the reproductive organs. Recovery is generally prompt.  Most cats and dogs can go home the day of surgery and are back to normal within five to seven days.

Pets are typically neutered in order to eliminate their ability to reproduce and to curb hormone related behaviors. Along with curbing pet behavior problems, there are several benefits to pet health.

Dogs and cats can be neutered as early as eight weeks of age. Pets older than six years of age are generally advised to get blood work done to ensure there will be no complications.

While a neuter is considered to be a routine surgery and done by a licensed veterinarian, the procedure is not without risk. Complications are very uncommon but it is important to know that like any surgical procedure, there is always the risk to anesthesia reaction, excessive bleeding, bruising and infection. Overall, the prognosis for a full recovery is excellent in healthy patients.