6 Packs / 9 Lives is a unique calendar created to promote cat adoption by busting the inaccurate stereotype of the “cat lady.”  In reality, cats make wonderful pets for any lifestyle – our 14 calendar hunks couldn’t imagine their lives without feline companionship and encourage everyone to adopt a cat from their local animal shelter or rescue group.



What is Hotter Than 6 Packs?

Men with Cats!

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Proceeds from the 6 Packs 9 Lives Calendar
will go to cats and kittens in shelters!


Mr. October, Dave, and his cat, Ginger

Dave has never been without a pet. He adopted his cat Ginger from an animal care center, and wishes he could have adopted them all! Dave thinks that black cats get a bad rap, so this Halloween give a black cat a chance, an you just might get lucky.







Mr. December, Patrick, and his cat, Truffles

Patrick has loved cats his whole life. He and Truffles think there is no better way to celebrate the holidays than to save a life and adopt a cat! Bring your furry feline home and give your honey another reason to kiss you besides the mistletoe.







Mr. Augusts, Drew, John, and Kenneth

Drew, Ken, and John are animal cruelty investigators. They protect animals from neglect, mistreatment, and abuse and are here to promote proper care and compassion for animals globally. Visit a municipal animal care center in your city!







Mr. July, Steven, and his cat, Valerie

Steven is a big, hot guy who likes beer, football, women, and his cat Valerie. Steven wants to promote adoption to help the many homeless kitties out there, because for every adopted cat from an animal care center, three lives are saved.







Mr. June, Michael, and his cat, Nacho

Michael adopted two cats, specifically two senior cats Nacho and Julius, about a year ago and reminds us not to forget the seniors! He represents sexy men over 40, because you're never too old to be a parent!






Mr. April, David, and his cat, Niko

David adopted a cat, his kitty Niko, at the LA Animal Care Center five years ago. He is excited to raise public awareness about cat adoption and to save the lives of homeless pets. Check out those pecs! We're talking to you, Niko. Meow!







Mr. March, Lance and his cat, Scrappy

Lance once felt that cats were for women and dogs were for men, until he was adopted by a cat, his cat Scrappy. She was a stray he took off the street six years ago, and she’s helped him score ever since.







Mr. February, Jeff and his cat, Hank

Jeff is a huge animal lover and believes each animal has its own personality. He calls his cat Hank, “The Mayor,” because he is always watching over what’s going on in the house. Jeff and Hank think it’s important to adopt a cat because all animals deserve to be loved.







Mr. January, Benjamen, and his cat, William

Ben loves riding his motorcycle around Los Angeles, but not as much as he loves his adopted cat William. He thinks you too should adopt a cat and save a life, so gentlemen, start your engines! And head to an animal care center near you.

The calendar was shot by award-winning fashion and beauty photographer, Adam Bouska of  the “No H8” campaign, and published by BrownTrout. Brown Trout Publishers is donating $1 from each calendar sold in retail outlets. You can also order 6 Packs/9 Lives Calendar online now.
Found Animals has purchased 10,000 calendars that will be donated to LA area non-profit groups that help cats.