Volunteer Appreciation Party

  • 4 people dressed in costume
    Pepperoni Pizza? Awesome
  • dia delos muertes costumes
    Winners for Best Costume
  • 6 people dressed as bears
    The Booze Bears
  • angel and bride of frankenstein costume
    Candida Tapia
  • death and referee costumes
    Alycia Leatherby and her Mother
  • young lady in sriracha costume
    Volunteer Coordinator Ms. Sriracha
  • young woman in cat costume
    Executive Director Ms. Kitty
  • girl in ref costume receives award
    Alycia Leatherby
  • tinkerbell receives award
    Brenda Pedroza.JPG
  • dia de los muertes receives award
    Dean Aguierre
  • volunteer receives award
    Denise Madrid
  • adoption volunteer gets an award
    Melissa Pirayoff
  • adopt & shop volunteer recieves an award
    Meg Wright
  • reno 911 costume
    Cecilia Villasenor and friend
  • people dancing
    Dance party U.S.A.
  • people in costume dancing
    Dance party!
  • family sitting at a table
    Denise Madrid, mom, and brother
  • 2 girls getting an award
    Jennifer Vazquez
  • animal volunteer receives award
    Donal Taylor
  • minnie mouse and sassy nala
    Denise Soto
  • alice and lion costume
    The Cat Adoption Center Gals!
  • bunny and lion costume
    Jenny Dancourt
  • volunteer gets an award
    Lisa Howard
  • animal volunteer gets honored
    Michelle Hamilton
  • the grim reaper and a tabby cat costume
    The Grim Reaper and his Tabby cat
  • girl in trash bag costume
    Elizabeth Black
  • girl in luigi costume
    Elizabeth Carroll
  • mario and luigi costumes
    Volunteers Mario and Luigi.jpg
  • alic and the exorcist costume
    Eziel Gonzalez and her mother.JPG
  • rhianna and napoleon dynamite costumes
    Adopt & Shop's Rhianna and Napoleon Dynamite.JPG
  • 2 girls sitting at a table
    Jessica Mcleod and her friend
  • zombie pirate costume
    Joanne Gombrich
  • wherewolf and littlered riding hood costume
    Spay Neuter Program Director - the big bad wolf
  • cat and nerd costume
    Our Pr coordinator and Digital Media coordinator
  • minnie mouse costume
    Katie Ho
  • girl in rainbow mohawk wig
    Keeli Tebeau
  • kids in halloween costumes.jpg
    Kids Won Prizes!
  • wherewolf gives a pirate an award
    Lauren Plotkin
  • wherewolf and a bee costumes
    Himeno Vigo.JPG
  • Bunson, Beaker and Animal costume
    Bunson, Beaker and Animal
  • Cat in the hat and the Grim Reaper costumes
    Cat in the hat and the Grim Reaper
  • volunteer gets a certificate
    Marianne Bennett
  • microchip volunteer gets an award
    Linda Aroyan
  • day of the dead couple in costume
    Mindy and Dean Aguierre
  • party hall
    What a fun night!
  • dancer in a pink beehive wig
    Party Goers!
  • man in cat costume
    Robert Sunshine
  • crazy cat lady and husband
    Shirley Gooding and her husband
  • two animal volunteers
    Shogo Nakashimo and Trish.JPG
  • We can do it! costume
    Stephanie Jacobs
  • a biker couple
    Susan Weld and her Husband
  • father and daughter volunteers in costume
    Uriel and Ariel Ramirez
  • zombie couple