Happy Pawlidays 2010

  • brown and white dog lying on carpet
    Did someone call my name?
  • dog with groomer
    Riley gets a new home AND the salon treatment from John Paul Pets!
  • family adopts three dogs
    Share THREE adoptions for this family!
  • girl hugs white dog
    Love at first hug.
  • dog cuddles with woman
    Marley cuddling with her new mom!
  • couple adopts dog
    Another Happy Adoption
  • A Cocker with his new family
    A warm embrace with his new family!
  • 14 year old female Chihuahua adopted
    This 14 year old chihuahua has the sweetest smile!
  • dog sticks nose through fence
    Can I come home with you?
  • mother and daughter smiling holding new dog
    All smiles and ready to take their new puppy home!
  • dog kisses new adoptive family
    Happy puppy can't stop giving kisses!
  • woman cradles new dog
    Share Holding her new friend close
  • doggy sits in lap
    Ready to leave the Carson Animal Care Center today
  • raffle prizes for holiday pet adoption
    Fun raffle prizes were given out throughout the day
  • girl with santa hat holding dog
    2010 marks the second year that Found Animals has hosted a Los Angeles-wide adoption promotion for the holiday season
  • gift baskets and treats for pets
    Finishing up the adoption papers!
  • family holding two dogs
    DReady to go home and play!
  • pet adoption front desk holiday decorations
    Decked out and ready to start adopting!
  • people filling out pet adoption papaers
    Finishing up the adoption papers!
  • guinea pig in a cage
    This guinea pig made it home for the holidays!
  • animal care center
    One of our beautiful animal care centers
  • bulldog sitting on bench
    When will the rain stop? I want to play outside!
  • woman walking dog
    Can we go for a walk?
  • do lying on rug
    Enjoying a quiet moment
  • free treats with adoption of dog
    Yum, more treats!
  • happy girl with adopted dog
    This new adopter can't stop smiling!
  • boy looks at kitties for adoption
    Which kitty is right for me?
  • Grandson with Grandmother and new adoped dog
    Grandmother and grandson bond with their newest family member!
  • dog wrapped in flece blanket
    Hi there! Am I going home with you today?
  • animal shelter
    Looking for the perfect pet!
  • kitty in kennel for adoption
    Who needs to shop when you can adopt this cutie?
  • kennels in animal care facility
    Our wonderful animal care center facilities
  • woman provides information at table
    We provided crucial materials, such as new pet owner guides, to make the transition to new surroundings more comfortable for both the pets and their new parents.
  • front desk animal care center
    It's been a busy day full of adoptions!
  • 2 dogs in a kennel
    We're ready to go home today!
  • cat hooked in woman's arm
    A home for the holidays?
  • cat sits in lady's arms
    A Today is going to be a great day!
  • family with pet care books
    Informed and ready to adopt!
  • family with pet care supplies
    Pet ready!
  • mom and son with holiday gift bag
    Happy Pawlidays 2010 044_0.JPG
  • cat groomed for adoption event
    Getting pretty for the adopters!
  • Happy grey cat with food and waater dishes
    Come adopt me!
  • man with pet supplies
    Fabulous gifts from John Paul Pet and Platinum Pets we awarded throughout the day to new adopters!
  • girl holds cute doggie with green bandana
    New best friends!
  • man kneels next to newly adopted dog
    We match! It was meant to be
  • family takes home new dog and dog supplies for holidays
    Someone got lots of presents to take home with his new family!
  • woman with person in a cat mascott suit
    Ready to greet the new adopters!
  • kennel entrance doors
    Despite the rain, we still drew a crowd!
  • volunteer adopt new dog
    Our volunteer Lucie adopts a sibling for her other rescued dog
  • man organizes information desk
    Joe Hard at Work
  • dog with new adoptive owner
    Dastin gets ready to go home!
  • woman pets shelter dog
    Lets get acquainted
  • family wins a holiday prize
    Lindsay awards a prize to a family that just adopted a new dog!
  • worker gives woman a pet goodie bag
    Share Lindsay puts together goody bags for this woman who just adopted TWO dogs!
  • man rescues dogs from shelter
    Man's best friend
  • woman holding lost kitten sign
    Thanks to pet identification, this woman was reunited with her cat at Baldwin Park!
  • man hugs doberman
    This guy had a quick stay. He was brought into the animal care center in the morning and was adopted by the afternoon!
  • girl walks little dog
    My new friend!
  • family with a dog
    Pawlidays 2010 Downey (2)_0.jpg
  • found animals staff at desk
    Found Animals staff members worked with dozens of employees and volunteers at 14 shelter locations
  • Adopt Pets Here sign
    The “Happy Pawlidays” adoption promotion ran through December 24th , and a total of 1,630 pets found new homes just in time for the holidays!
  • Pawlidays 2010 Downey (7)_0.JPG
    Adoptions are up by more than 1/3rd (33%) over the same period in 2008. That means that over 500 more pets found new homes in time for the holidays in 2010 than just two years ago!
  • happy lady adopts dog
    Looking spiffy in a bow-tie!
  • young woman with small dog
    I'm ready to go home with you!
  • family with puppy
    Staying dry from all the rain
  • dog stays warm in man's coat
    Ahh, it's nice and warm in here!
  • lady holding brown dog
    Could you say no to this face?!
  • women with dog and laptops
    Wonderful staff that make all the adoptions possible!
  • people receive pet adoption prizes
    Jennifer hands out prizes to our lucky adopters
  • couple holds new doggie
    The big grin says it all!
  • woman holding greman shepherd mix
    I found my forever home!
  • couple with dog and holiday gift bag
    Just one of hundreds of happy families from the day
  • terrier dog mix
    Are we going home yet?
  • smiling family with black dog
    My new family keeping me warm and dry!
  • bull terrier goes for a car ride
    Oh boy! Let's go for a car ride!
  • woman in car with dog passenger
    Traveled from Irvine to Baldwin Park to adopt this guy!
  • girl hugs shepherd mix puppy
    So happy to find each other!
  • adopt pets here sign and balloons
    Over 430 pets were adopted into loving homes on this one day!