Dr. Gary Michelson

Dr. Michelson was born in Philadelphia on January 14, 1949. He and his three brothers were raised by his mother and grandmother, who suffered from a crippling spinal deformity. At the age of seventeen, Dr. Michelson left behind his humble beginnings and set out on the arduous task of working one and sometimes two jobs to put himself through college at Temple University and medical school at Hahnemann Medical College. Dr. Michelson completed his residency in Orthopedic surgery at Hahnemann Medical Hospital, and subsequently completed a fellowship in spinal surgery at St. Luke’s Medical Center in association with Texas Medical Center and Baylor University.

Dr. Michelson has dedicated his life to improving the lives of those afflicted with spinal ailments. He is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon and a diplomat of the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. In the beginning of Dr. Michelson’s twenty-one year tenure as a spinal surgeon he was discontented with the low success rates associated with spinal surgery procedures of the time. It was this discontent that pushed Dr. Michelson to spend countless hours developing better implants, instruments and procedures that would enable spinal surgeons to successfully cure a vastly greater proportion of spinal ailments.

His dedication is evidenced by his sole inventorship of more than 250 United States Patents on instruments, methods and devices relating to advances in spinal surgery or to the more general field of Orthopedic surgery. Dr. Michelson’s patented technology includes over 250 United States Patents, and over 950 either issued patents or pending applications throughout the world, almost all related to the treatment of spinal disorders.

Dr. Michelson has been the sole inventor of the most widely used innovations in use in spinal surgery today – affecting the lives of millions of patients. Dr. Michelson’s inventions have made spinal surgery safer, faster, more effective and less expensive than the procedures replaced.

Even after his retirement from private practice, Dr. Michelson has not lost his passion for helping others. He founded and is the sole benefactor of the Medical Research Foundation Trust, Michelson Medical Research Foundation, Found Animals Foundation and the Twenty Million Minds Foundation.

Through his foundations Dr. Michelson has donated over 100 million dollars for cutting edge medical research shunning all use of his name, attribution, or recognition.

He has also spent over ten million dollars in directly helping to convert municipal animal services from death camps to adoption centers and providing no cost spay and neuter services to low income households. In a program directly acknowledged by the L.A. Mayor’s office, Dr. Michelson’s animal welfare foundation paid for all the cost6s if anyone would come in and rescue a dog or a cat scheduled for euthanasia.

Dr. Michelson formed the Twenty Million Minds Foundation to create and provide for the use of a comprehensive library of higher education textbooks in an open architecture platform to replace the costly textbooks for purchase system currently in use.

Dr. Michelson lives in Los Angeles with his wife Alya. She holds degrees in journalism and business and was a former Kremlin correspondent. Alya is also a talented dancer, artist and musician. The couple have a four year old daughter named Sasha and a baby brother on the way.